My reaction to hearing I will be a grandmother

As soon as my daughter found out she was pregnant I knew it was meant to be even if she wasn’t married, that didn’t even come to mind. It was like: wow my grandchild is arriving.

She at first got scared, but didn’t take her long to totally embrace motherhood (something like 3 days) and she changed her lifestyle to soot the baby she was caring.

Unfortunately her dad took it a little hard but also only for a while. It was not that he didn’t want the baby just had other plans for his daughter. Now it’s quite the opposite he loves him so much!

Me I just didn’t know if I was ready for those words “grandmother.

I was sort of thinking I was too young to be a grey haired knitting type grandmother I never liked the word grandmother. (Now I am a proud grandmother and proud to be called grandmother.

I was really happy for my daughter; we did lots of shopping for the baby and enjoyed every minute of her pregnancy, she was happy healthy and nesting.

Over the coming weeks we got so excited, my daughters tummy gradually got bigger and bigger, I watched her, sitting back, observing, taking it in – something I only thought about might happen in past in the back of my mind on quiet days, now I was watching her in reality: PREGNUNT. The baby was so active every night in her tummy and I would sit with her and touch her tummy, talk to the baby and even sing, while he was still in his mother’s tummy. Now that he is here I sing to him all the time. I love him so much.

We later found out it was going to be a little boy. This was something I was able to relate to my first was a boy and it seemed time had stood still for me.

Her pregnancy seemed to mirror me and how I felt during my pregnancy with her except she never got sick.

So many thoughts and feelings overcame me “feelings that I had never had before. I had come to a new phase in my life “and as much as I looked forward to that bundle coming “

I guess every grandmother will have a different and fascinating story, and this was mine.

Now my little grandson is here, now 4 months old, I marvel at his beauty and perfection.

He is finally here. I am a grandmother!!! It is different feeling I would die for this new little bundle, this, new little person being from one of my own children.

I love my little grandson so very much and am very proud of the mother and woman my daughter has become.

The difference is I have to hand this baby back and although it is good sometimes, times like at night, it’s a hard thing to do I want to be with him and see every move he makes just like I did with my daughter when she was a baby.

I know part of me has to stand back and let my daughter experience this new phase of her life too